ChemIndustrial pH Neutralization Systmes and Neutralizers

pH Neutralization Systems and Neutralizers

Here in this text we are  going to focus on pH Neutralization systems and pH Control Systems. We are also going to focus on importance of pH Control and various pH Neutralizers available.   Highly acidic or basic waste liquids from labs, industrial sources and rinsing operations can cause chemical attack on sewage pipework as well as operating problems in municipal waste treatment plants. Environmental regulations are written to avoid these problems by specifying that waste liquids must be near neutral pH before they can be released into any public sewer or body of water.

The pH value of a neutral liquid is 7, and the regulations generally establish an acceptable discharge range of 6 to 9 pH units. In most cases this requires the installation of an on-site neutralizing system. This neutralization system is very effective as well.

However, pH control around the neutral point is notoriously difficult due to the logarithmic nature of the pH scale. Many facilities that generate acidic or basic waste liquids turn to ChemIndustrial Systems Inc, as their source for the specialized process equipment and controls required for successful neutralization.

Please consult ChemIndustrial System's Chemical Theory section for a complete discussion of acid-base theory.

Neutralizer featuring Autocalibrate

Autocalibrate™ (panel to left) is one of many advanced neutralizer options
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ChemIndustrial Neutralizers - Integrated pH neutralization systems

A ChemIndustrial neutralizer receives, samples, measures and controls the pH of liquid discharged from a facility, then discharges successfully treated liquid to a sewer or a downstream process.

The Neutralizer circulates a stream of liquid from a tank past a pH sensor, meters and mixes a neutralizing chemical into the circulating liquid by means of a venturi injector. A complete list of neutralizer features is found here.

ChemIndustrial System's Neutralizers are built in two basic configurations:

  1. One-way neutralization for correcting pH that always varies in the same direction from the required range
  2. Two-way neutralization for correcting pH that can vary either above or below the required range

ChemIndustrial neutralizers use reliable pumped venturi injection technology for chemical feed and sophisticated control algorithms intelligently adjust the amount of neutralizing chemical added to the process as the system's pH approaches the neutralization point. Neutralizer controls are optimized for operation within the 6 to 9 pH range. ChemIndustrial's pH control systems are recommended for operation outside this range.

Typical neutralization configuration

A complete and detailed description of a typical skid-mounted neutralizer configuration is found here.

Larger neutralizing systems

ChemIndustrial skid-mounted neutralizers are sized for easy integration into many customer facilities, but a standard skid may not be large enough for high volume waste flows. When the flow of liquid for treatment exceeds the practical capacity of a skid, we turn to other strategies:

Neutralization applications and flowsheets

ChemIndustrial's neutralizing systems are ideal for a wide range of applications, including integration with a pre-existing sump or use in a ready-mix concrete facility. A description of some typical applications of ChemIndustrial's neutralizers, including detailed drawings and flowsheets, is found here.

Additional options
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