ChemIndustrial pH Neutralizing pH Control Systems

pH control systems

ChemIndustrial's pH control systems automatically maintain the pH of a liquid within a range set by the user. They enable automatic monitoring and control over the pH of baths, rinses, plating solutions and other process liquids. They give manufacturers an accurate, economical alternative to manual pH monitoring and control.

Why buy a pH control system?

Improved product yield is enabled by tighter control over process pH conditions. Fast investment payback may be achieved when replacing manual or semi-automatic pH control techniques.

Please consult ChemIndustrial's Chemical Theory section for a complete discussion of acid-base theory.

These systems combine pH sensors, electronics and control algorithms with ChemIndustrial's highly reliable pumped venturi injector technology. The pumped injection loop circulates treatment tank contents, optimizing system response time and often eliminating the need for additional mixing equipment. ChemIndustrial provides pH control system models for industrial, laboratory, municipal and agricultural installations.

Neutralizer Skid

ChemIndustrial's Neutralizer Skid is perfect for small industrial processes and laboratories [Full Size Image]

ChemIndustrial integrated pH control systems

A ChemIndustrial pH control system receives, samples, measures and controls the pH of a customer's process liquid. In batch processes pH can be ramped to new values as required by the defined sequence of operations.

To achieve this, the pH control system circulates a stream of liquid from the process tank past a pH sensor.  The system meters and mixes a neutralizing chemical into the circulating liquid by means of a venturi injector. A complete list of pH control system features is found here.

ChemIndustrial pH control systems are built in two basic configurations:

  1. One-way neutralization for adjusting pH in one or more steps in the same direction from the starting value
  2. Two-way neutralization for adjusting pH in one or more steps in either direction

ChemIndustrial pH control systems use reliable pumped venturi injection technology for chemical feed. Sophisticated control algorithms intelligently adjust the amount of pH control chemical added to the process as the system's pH approaches the desired pH point. pH control systems are optimized for operation at any possible value within the full pH range, including the notoriously difficult  6 to 9 pH range.

Typical pH control system configuration

A complete and detailed description of a typical skid-mounted pH control system configuration is found here.

Larger pH control systems

ChemIndustrial skid-mounted pH control systems are sized for easy integration into many customer facilities, but a standard skid may not be large enough for high volume waste flows. When the flow of liquid for pH adjustment exceeds the practical capacity of a skid, or where other technical requirements make skids impractical, ChemIndustial can turn to other strategiesContact us to discuss your special situation.

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